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Our portfolio includes a range of hand crafted battery operated and plug-in lamps available as hanging pendant lamps, downlighters and desk lamps. 


Our battery operated lamps utilize LED strings and are available with either coin or AA batteries. Our plug-ins include a cord with switch, and are available with a variety of bulb options - including: 25W 110V incandescent vintage bulb, flicker-flame and LED bulbs as well as LED strings. The lamp bodies are made from local teak and other woods.

The vast majority of the bottles we use have been disposed of by the end-user and are destined for the landfill. A small proportion of our bottles are sourced from the recycling stream and we are also supplied with bottles by our customers or people who simply want their bottles saved from the dump.


LickaLamp is not afilliated with any alcohol manufacturer, brand or distributor

Please check out a sample of our designs below - click on any image to enlarge.


Most of our desk lamps feature teak frames - our most popular design is the "hangman" in which the bottle is suspended and swings freely. We also do a design with the bottle mounted on the teak base and held in place by a leather neck strap.




Our pendant lamps are designed to be hung - either from the ceiling or from a frame or hook as a floor lamp. Most feature vintage incandescent bulbs but they are also available fitted with an LED downlighter. 

You will also find desk lamps that feature either battery operated or plug-in LED strings and some other one-off designs in our portfolio


battery operated

Misc battery operated LED strings